Accelerating Global Solar Deployments with Sitetracker

The pressure to increase generation capacity from renewable sources, particularly solar, has only intensified in the last several years. In fact, industry experts estimate that to get to net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050, we must install 455 gigawatts (GW) of new solar PV capacity globally each year through 2030. That’s roughly as much solar as has ever been installed in the two largest economies (China and the US), to support the 2050 net zero goal.

To achieve this, a massive deployment effort must take place now. But doing so at speed and scale will require a complete software solution that helps solve critical issues like poor standardization and inefficient processes, difficult to find and often inaccurate data, and scattered field resource tracking which all result in slower cycle times and missed revenue.

See how Sitetracker's native cloud software helps developers, installers and asset owners deploy and manage commercial solar projects by digitizing their project, asset and field service processes together in one platform.

Using a flexible cloud solution allows you to manage the entire commerical solar project life cycle within a single source of truth, make data-driven decisions, and scale rapidly to meet the growing demands for renewable infrastructure.

By connecting your solar deployment partners and tools, you can streamline team workflows, automate project forecasts, reduce cycle times, and get actionable data that helps you deliver on time and budget.

  • Manage every asset, location, field crew and timeline in one central location
  • Increase your speed to go live with actionable insights
  • Get an organized, real-time overview of project lifecycles from start to finish
  • Manage budgets and expenses as well as available tax credits and incentives
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