Digitising the future: How connected construction accelerates EV charging deployment

With the rapid spike in electric vehicles (EVs) globally, the need for efficient and reliable charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly urgent.

According to the European EV Charging Infrastructure Masterplan, 6.8 million chargers must be in place by 2030. As a result, utilities are experiencing immense pressure to make essential upgrades to their transmission infrastructure and at the same time connect an ever-growing list of charging assets to the grid.

With the International Energy Agency reporting the average time to build clean energy infrastructure at over a decade, what can developers, EPCs and utilities do to collectively speed up the process across planning, design and construction to get assets up and running faster?

Join this recorded discussion to learn more about how connected construction solutions accelerate EV charging deployments.

EV charging experts and technologists will discuss how high-volume deployments can leverage the cloud to control costs and speed up deployments that span hundreds or thousands of distributed locations.

In this webinar, you will learn best practices to:

  • Template work so you can complete projects more than 30% faster
  • Centralise data in the cloud across all internal, field and vendor teams
  • Introduce better communication across groups using real-time project and site data
  • Automate construction approvals, reporting, and forecasting



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Matt Michel
Sales Engineer, Sitetracker
Lynne Toogood
COO, Connected Kerb
Sebastian Hymas
Head of Project Controls, Evyve Network