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The Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program, provides $42.45 billion to expand high-speed internet access by funding planning, infrastructure deployment and adoption programs in all 50 states and territories. Applying for and receiving the funding is one thing, but managing that funding is a whole lot more complicated.

Fortunately, Sitetracker is ready to support your BEAD grant tracking! Manual or disjointed project management approaches, with multiple sources of information, can lead to errors, delays, and compliance issues. Therefore, we've created this resource center to help ensure you have accurate records for deploying this critical infrastructure. 

Track your BEAD grant funds with Sitetracker

Already a Sitetracker customer? Here's how you can track and manage your funds in Sitetracker. 

Resource Library

We've curated these resources to help you navigate the management and tracking of your BEAD funds all in one place. 

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Broadband funding awards ready?

Check out Sitetracker’s Fiber Deployment Guide, a visual infographic for coordinating, managing, and deploying BEAD funds. 

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The importance of real-time, digitized project workflows

Ditch the spreadsheets, create standardized processes, and maintain adequate visibility to help close the gap on the digital divide. Read our connected construction ebook to learn how to create efficient processes to help your business grow more profitability. 

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Smarter tools to plan, build and maintain your fiber networks

Better efficiency, intelligence, and experience. Discover how Sitetracker can help your team accelerate network builds and do more with less, faster. 

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Maximize BEAD Funding

Read our latest blog post on how you and your organization can prepare for BEAD funding grant applications and awards. 

US Government BEAD Funding Website

Visit the official Broadband USA website to check for the latest information regarding newly announced BEAD allocations and other NTIA grant awards for US states and territories. 

Has your state submitted an action plan?

Check the status to see if your state has submitted an action plan and how much funding has been allocated.

Fiber Broadband Association

Visit the official site of the Fiber Broadband Association to stay on top of the latest fiber broadband news. Linked below is the official FBA Infrastructure Playbook for BEAD and other deployments.

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